Burnout-consultation and –therapy

Burnout is a slow process and passes through several phases. What comes as a weak feeling of constant stress and work overload in the beginning can lead to complete exhaustion and despair culminating in suicide. The inner boosters which renders to this situation are occuring at an early stage – mostly, during childhood. Children tend to fulfill the spoken or unspoken demands put upon them by authoritys. As grown-ups, we tend to maintain these patterns.

Afflicted are people who tend to do everything as perfectly as possible and who have high expectations of themselves and of their environment. This is not negative in itself. But, together with other factors in the professional area and the family domain as well as work overload, it can lead to burnout. It is crucial in which stage the individual concerned is. The sooner the burnout-consultation or -therapy begins, the faster and better the downward spiral can be escaped.

In my medical office for psychotherapy Ganderkesee, I offer different options to reduce or cope with stress. The burnout-therapy enables the client to overcome the inner boosters by bringing the positive affects of the behavior (like correctness, accuracy, high demand) to the surface and training the resilience against the practical requirements of every day life.