to my medical office for psychotherapy Ganderkesee
on the periphery of Delmenhorst in Hoykenkamp, near Bremen and Oldenburg.

Our society is still a long way from treating mental health with the same attentiveness and care as physical health. To consult a doctor or an non-medical practitioner seems natural for us when we are physically sick, so that every day life cannot be mastered any longer.

However, if daily life can’t be accomplished because there is a persistend feeling of sorrow, stress or anxiety, and there is no chance to get out of this state alone, it is advisable to look for professional assistance as well – as indicated with physical sickness. To realise this is the first step to resort and healing. Psychotherapy can help in states of emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety, grief, problematic social relationships or problems with profound changes of living conditions.

As customized the problems we have to face and the reasons the mind is thrown out of kilter are, as varied are the therapeutic possibilities to treat the mental disorders resulting from it.

In the following, I inform about my therapeutic spectrum I am offering my clients.

As a non-medical psychotherapeutic practitioner I am working on a self-pay basis. This means that the costs of treatment and consultation will be billed to the client directly. The treatment will therefore not be filed in the clients official medical records. As a matter of course, I am subject to professional secrecy. Meanwhile, some private and also statutory health insurance companies are prepared to bear the costs of a non-medical psychotherapy upon application in total or proportional.

I offer my clients a protected environment where they can speak their mind and work on a positive change of their situation in trying times -with my help. Because the most important base for a sucessful psychotherapy is a good relationship between client and therapist. The „chemistry“ has to be right. Therefor, I offer a free, half-our initial interview.

I treat in German and English language.