The fee

The fee for a 60-minute therapy session is 80 Euro.


You can pay via credit transfer (ec) or cash.

Wether a good, trusting relationship is possible between client and therapist and the current psychiatric disorder fits my spectrum of therapies , I offer a near-term, maximum 30-minute first interview free of charge.

Agreed-upon dates must be cancelled 24 hours in advance at the latest. That is because I work solely on scheduled times, so that an unplanned vacancy takes the possibility of treatment from other clients.

There is always the possibility – for various reasons – that one cannot perceive an upon-agreed therapy session. But I ask for understanding that I have to charge the fee if the appointment is not fulfilled or cancelled punctual.

If you are determined for a further treatment after the first contact, initially follows thorough diagnostics – the anamnesis. Then, together we see how the treatment can be provided. The therapy sessions are confidential. Because they are paid private, they do not appear in the medical records.

It is advisable to contact a doctor before psychotherapy begins to clarify if the mental problems are caused by physical factors. For example, dysfunctions of the thyroid can produce symptomes which appear clinically similar to anxiety disorder or depression. On the other hand, mental problems can lead to physical symptomes. This must be clarified.